Clubs in Hollywood


Hollywood is famous all over the world with its motion picture business and nightlife. Today there are lots of snazzy and glamorous clubs in Hollywood. Today young people can hardly imagine that some decades ago Hollywood was a quiet neighborhood where there was no entertainment center. A tourist could only find liquor stores, shuttered windows of shops and tattoo parlor. But in the beginning Hollywood was a rural area. Later the ranchos were divided into small parts. One of the ranchos was bought by H.H. Wilcox and his wife christened the area “Hollywood”. It was Wilcox who drafted a plan for this new community and Prospect Avenue what is Hollywood Boulevard now. Hollywood was an independent community but later it was annexed by Los Angeles.

In 1911 the first film studio was opened by Nestor Company. Later other film studios began shooting in this area because of its mild climate and open space. Soon motion picture business was in full flourish there. These changes caused opening of new cafes, restaurants, hotels, store and so on. The first club in Hollywood was Hollywood Studio Club. (It was not a club in its real sense but a free shelter for the young women trying to push into the motion picture business. These women had no home and no place to practice their art. Hollywood Studio Club offered them free food and other services. The club was on donations. It lasted from 1925 to 1975. Today it is listed in the National Register of Historical Places.) Some decades later the neighborhood changed again. The movie stars began moving to Beverley Hills and the cafes and the restaurants moved together with these celebrities. Hollywood changed into a quiet area. But you can call Hollywood anything but static. What are the reasons of Hollywood clubs popularity?

One reason could be that the developer companies saw a great potential in Hollywood nightlife and began flowing there from other parts of the U.S. As for the other reasons we can think about the legends related to the great names of the Hollywood Golden Age. Movie stars and other celebrities were the people who contributed to make the neighborhood into a glamorous and fashionable place in the world. Now the people employed entertainment business have their own clubs and night clubs in Hollywood. West Hollywood is listed in the National Register of Historical Places. The design of its snazzy buildings of this district mixes the elements of Art D├ęcor, Spanish Colonial Revival, Monterey Revival and the elements of Italian traditional architecture. The most famous building is Sunset Tower Hotel which was a favorite staying hotel to many celebrities and big names. Movies and TV series contribute much to the popularity of clubs in Hollywood, Hollywood nightlife and Hollywood in general. They evoke an inviting feeling to the neighborhood. So, no surprise, it is a place of numerous people’s dream.


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