CJ's Narcos RP Staff App

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What server are you applying for?:

Crix Networks Narcos RP

What is your ingame name:

Medellin 2IC Pablo Escobard | SWAT DCMDR CJ 1X02

What do you go by (nickname/real name):


What is your SteamID(64):


What is your country and timezone?:


How old are you? :


Playtime (If you know it):

A LONG time, like a long time.

How many warns do you have?:

1 (For PRP, not Narcos RP)

Why do you want to be staff on PoliceRP? (150+ Words):

I don't. But for Narcos RP, sure. I want to preemptively apply so I can assure that Narcos RP has a staff team that is active, and efficient. I see some discrepancies for the staff at the moment, and I don't want the staff team to be minges that know how to write an application. I've played Crix for a long time, and recently (the last month) I have gotten back into the server. With the help of Wolf, we revived the SWAT team from the ground up from the horrible place it was in before, and I want to help the server's player-base more with removing the people who don't want to do anything except harm players' fun time. I also know that the staff team for PRP isn't very active or efficient, but thanks to Voya its reviving, I don't want Narcos to reach that point to where players are having to apply just to have a staff team.

Why should we accept you? (150+ Words):

I'm not a minge, which is one of the main reasons why I'm actually deciding to do this. I have been staffing for years on end and have managed a lot of servers, and owned one. I am highly experienced and efficient when it comes to staffing in Garry's Mod. I also have a good history with majority of the staff and a lot of them can agree to my claims. I like to help people which is why I decided to play Gov. main and non-stop contribute to SWAT for 2 weeks to revive it from the hole it was in before. I am in good relations with a lot of the player-base and I feel as though they are comfortable with talking to me and not afraid to communicate. I also am on a mindset where I am aware of when to have fun, and when its time to be serious.

Describe your best qualities:

I quickly adapt to situations, guidelines, and protocols that are given to me, along with being able to convey information to people that don't know it yet.

Can you tell me that, you have read the Rules and can enforce them confidently?:

Yes, I can.

Do you take yourself to be a more experienced Role-player than most?


If a staff member referred you or helped you please state who:

Klu; Reap3r; Brendan; Jack; Cameron

Are you in our Discord? (aka join):


Extra info (Staff history, Old communities, and stuff we should know):
  • NCBA (Dark RP) - Staff Manager
  • Dank RP (Dark RP) - Server Manager & Admin 2x
  • Bandit RP (Shut Down; Dark RP) - Co-Owner
  • Archer Networks (Jedi vs Sith)- Staff Manager 2x
  • Protocol Aura (Shut Down; Imperial RP) Admin
  • Archer Networks 2 (Imperial RP) - Owner


CityRP Server Director

Staff member
CityRP Server Director

  • Respected member of PRP1
  • Great RP'er
  • Good understanding of rules
CJ would be a fantastic addition to the Narcos Staff Team


  • Top tier RPer
  • Decent knowledge of the rules
  • Has common sense
  • The obvious insane effort put into application



  • Knows the rules
  • chill and easy to talk to
  • Put a lot of effort in his app
  • And has good rp skills
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