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CityRP Moderator
What is your ingame name: P Detective Dean 1C113

What do you go by (nickname/real name): Dean

What is your SteamID(64): STEAM_1:0:103485856

What is your country and timezone?: US, Central

How old are you? : 17

Playtime: 2 Days

How did you find CrixRP?: returning from old crix 3 years ago

Why do you want to be staff on PoliceRP? : i want to be apart of staff because i want to help the community and be able to help other staff members for trouble times and assist in the best i can. i was apart of this community three years ago and been a staff member before for crixrp. i have assisted staff members even when im not staff but im here to help to the best of my abilities and to help this community. i wanted to get back to being a staff member for crix because i love the community the staff and the people i want to be able to help everyone the best i can and help the staff out with in need of times when the server is hit many people that do not wish to roleplay or follow the rules for crix policerp i want to be there the best i can to inspire the people that joins the community to enjoy the server and follow the rules and don't minge etc. i wish for all that join or return to have an expirence and make friends and meet people in this community and enjoy it.

Why should we accept you?
: I am an old staff member from crixrp and i want to be able to assist staff and be able to get back to the community and assist higher staff members with small issues such as rdm, vdm, etc. i want be able to use my skills for staff and be able to the policerp community and help keep the community fun and playable. i want to the influencer to the people that join or return to know that we can enjoy playing with this community and how the people can bring great memories to the community. i want to be able to return and prove that i can do my part and serve for the community and show that i have for what it takes to help this community the best i can. i wish to influence people to enjoy crix policerp.

Describe your best qualities: good with players and reasonable with players, used to be apart of the staff three years ago.

Can you tell me that, you have read the Rules and can enforce them confidently?: yes

Do you take yourself to be a more experienced Roleplayer than most? yes

a staff member referred you or helped you please state who:

you in our Discord? Yes

Extra info (Staff history, Old communities, and stuff we should know): used to a staff member for crix policerp three years and other servers
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