ACCEPTED Drak's Narco's Application

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  • What server are you applying for?:
A: Narcos
  • What is your ingame name:
A: Drakarus
  • What do you go by (nickname/real name):
A: Drak
  • What is your SteamID(64):
A: 76561198066300068
  • What is your country and timezone?:
A: Canada, PST
  • How old are you? :
A: 17
  • Playtime (If you know it):
  • How many warns do you have?:
A: 0
  • Why do you want to be staff on NARCOS (100+ Words):
A: I would like to be staff on Narcos To help build the player base with Cameron, I would like to prove myself to the CrixRP Community, I would love to be here when Narcos gains lots of players to add it to my portfolio of experiences on garrys mod. Im a good guy and I want to improve my rep in the community. I love narcos rp from last time
  • Why should we accept you? (100+ Words):
A: Well as many of you know I have had very many experiences playing crixrp, I have been here since 2017, I haven't always had a good reputation, I almost never have but Narcos Is my chance to change the error of my ways from the past, it's my chance to rebuild trust within the community. I would like to take the opportunity of staff and prove why I can be trusted with a power position, If you don't like me as a person, I hope my staff abilities will prove you can trust me as a staff member. I'm extremely active on my computer approximately 14 hours a day (IKR dont bully me) haha,
  • Describe your best qualities:
A: I'm respectful to people when I encounter them, I have a wide variety of people on my friend's list to invite to the server, I also strive in bringing servers to the highest capacity player base
  • Can you tell me that, you have read the Rules and can enforce them confidently?:
A: Yes, I have read them completely
  • Do you take yourself to be a more experienced Roleplayer than most?
A: Yes, I do
  • If a staff member referred you or helped you please state who:
A: N/A
  • Are you in our Discord? (aka join):
A: Yes
  • Extra info (Staff history, Old communities, and stuff we should know):
A: CrixRP, National Task Force Gaming, GamingLight, Defcon


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Community Owner

I understand you're past and you are a good guy. You have a staff understanding from NTF and Defcon.

Please contact me for an interview!
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