POLICE ROLEPLAY Jack's Administrator Application

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Jack’s Administrator Application

  • Why do you think you deserve to be an Administrator? (100 words +):
A: Well ever since i joined this staff team i have been working towards a personal goal of mine to get to admin this has been no secret and ever since i was rewarded senior moderator i decided to begin my hard work ship into becoming one i took mentees under my wing and i will continue to do so as they are the future and they are as good as we make them as i work hard to make sure they become the best staff member they can be, but i try my best to be on duty for at least half of my play time on the server i’m active and as a admin i feel as if i could continue to better the community in many ways and continue to help the community that i love spending my time on but as a senior moderator i try do my best to help out the moderators and trainees as much as i possibly can and i feel like i’ve done a good job in that area and i believe i will continue to do so in the future.
  • What makes you better/more qualified than other applicants? (100 words +):
A: I work hard and i like to think when i put my mind to something there's no stopping me i help as much as i can within my timezone im never afraid to voice my opinion and i believe my higher ups know that i'm not afraid of any situation as everything has a solution and i believe that when it comes to uncertain situations that is when i thrive the most along with i have be staffing on gmod for years but to be a admin on here that would mean alot to me and inspire me to continue moving forward within the server.
  • What has been your biggest takeaways as a staff member so far? (What have you learned?) (75 words +):
A: I have learned that being calm in any situation will have it resolved if someone is shouting at you you just respond with a calm voice and they calm down quickly along with patience i’ve had to learn to be patient in certain aspects for example not everyone is as quick of a thinker or a doer that others so my main thing i’ve learnt is to be patient with people and that is the main thing i’ve learnt and i gotta thank my fellow staff members for that.
  • Explain your definition of what it means to be an Administrator as compared to a Moderator (50 words +):
A: As a Administrator there job is to help out the lower staff as best they can with giving advice and helping them as best they can they can also if they wish train others, along with handling situations a normal moderator can’t solve as compared to a moderator a moderator can only handle so much where a administrator can help in near about every situation


DarkRP Trial Moderator

Staff member
DarkRP Trial Moderator
Very active
Knows the rules
good with people
goes on duty when others won't and ditches his own RP


Division Advisor
You are an amazing staff member and a person who overall deserves more than what you will be getting. You know the rules, you're thoughtful, and you're helpful. You would make a phenomenal administrator.

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