POLICE ROLEPLAY Jacktot's Mod app


DarkRP Division Director

Staff member
DarkRP Division Director
What server are you applying for?:
A: Police RP

What is your in game name:
A: Jacktot

What do you go by (nickname/real name):
A: Jacktot

What is your SteamID(64):
A: STEAM_0:0:156147416

What is your country and timezone?:

How old are you? :
A: 19

Playtime (If you know it):
A: I don't know (Sorry)

How many warns do you have?:

Why do you want to be staff on the server? (150+ Words):
A: Hello, so i wish to join staff team on Crix RP because i am very active and i'm always on the server early morning with hardly any staff on so i wish to join staff to help and assist people with anything they need, i'm very Dedicated to anything i do and i will always do the task ahead of me to the best of my ability, i'm very Friendly and approachable to anyone needing my assistance and i'm always very happy to help people when they ask for it and i will always get to the bottom of the task at hand. i know the rules and i am always active mostly on for 4 hours + a day as i'm really enjoying the server so i will mostly be able to assist with calls and hopefully give other staff members a break if they need it i also have lots of previous experience from other gmod servers.

Why should we accept you? (150+ Words):
A: Why you should accept me for the staff team? well firstly i'm very active in the day, and always will to help people, secondly i'm very approachable for anyone to ask me a question or just help in General, i don't break the rules (have 0 warns). I also have previous experience as a staff member so i know what i'm doing but i'm always willing to ask questions if i need to about a situation i need to handle, i'm also very a honest person, i'm dedicated and will do any task to the best of my ability and will do it to a high standard.
i will also take sits and make sure no one is breaking rules as that ruins it for everyone else, i will make sure everyone is having fun on the server to the best i can and i will always try my very best.

Describe your best qualities:
A: Friendly, I'm Active, Dedicated, i'm Honest, always up for a laugh but i know when to be serious

Can you tell me that, you have read the Rules and can enforce them confidently?:

A:Yes i have

Do you take yourself to be a more experienced Roleplayer than most?
A: Yes i do

If a staff member referred you or helped you please state who:
A: Jack Referred me

Are you in our Discord? (aka join):
A: Yes i am

Extra info (Staff history, Old communities, and stuff we should know):
A: i used to be staff on here, i used to be a superadmin back in the day and i was also Head admin or HOS i cant remember

Thank you all for taking the time out of the day to read this app it means a lot if there is any feed back please post it so i can improve myself thank you so much <3 .
P.S i'm also not good at writing stuff down i'm more of a hands on person i'm better in person sort of thing.


CityRP Server Director

Staff member
CityRP Server Director
  • Good RP'er
  • Good Understanding of the rules
  • good guy not had any bad run-ins with him


New member

Jacktot would make a very good addition to our team as heknows the rules, is active, and is able to handle the sits well as he doesnt have much of a temper.