Justy/Alice Staff Application


CityRP Administrator

Staff member
CityRP Administrator
Name: (Forum/Discord/In-Game) Justy/Alice

Steam Page Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/JustyJusty/

STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:107775127

Age: 25

Willing to use your Microphone on a consistent basis?: Yes

Are you active on Forums/Discord? If no, would you be willing? (If no; don't bother applying): Yes

Links to all previous applications for every division: N/A

Are you a former Crix Networks staff member? If yes, what position, for how long, and reason for departure? (If administrative action occurred please provide a link): No

Do you agree to uphold all of the responsibilities of a staff member to the fullest? Yes

General Location of Living and Timezone: Western New York USA/Eastern Time Zone

Is English your first language? If not, what is? yes

Rate your Communication Skills (Please explain): -Good I am trying to be very good at communicating with others

Have you been previously banned, if so how many times and for what? No

Will you use your powers for your own or others benefit?: No

Are you biased?: No everyone gets treated fairly and equally

Do you enjoy Drama?: No

Describe yourself (Minimum 1 paragraph [5 full sentences]):

I am 25 years old who lives in western new york. I am a volunteer firefighter who does Fire,EMS, rescue and marine rescue. I try to be a kind nice person to others and believe that everyone should be treated equally. I support all first responders and believe not all police are bad. I am a fun fair person who enjoys roleplaying on servers and love meeting new people. My pros are constantly active, Friendly with everyone and getting to know everyone.

Why should we trust you? (Minimum 1 paragraph [5 full sentences]):

You can trust me because I will not abuse my powers or anyone on the server. I will treat everyone equally and fairly while on the server. I know how to follow the rules and be able to enforce the rules knowing how the basics like what rdm is and failrp as well as minging/no intent to rp. I have been on the server for a little while now and know most people and hopefully trusted by most people. Since I been on the server i havent been warned or put in a sit for breaking any rules.

What do you have to offer? (Be descriptive):

I will offer being online a lot as well as fairness to everyone. I will do my best to be a good staff member and to make sure that the roleplay is fun and fair for all.

Recommendations From Administrators (Include proof; Admins must verify on app): N/A

Do you have at least 48 hours of time played (within our servers; please provide a screenshot): Yes


DarkRP Division Director

Staff member
DarkRP Division Director


i feel like you Would be a good a addition to the staff team


CityRP Administrator

Staff member
CityRP Administrator
-Great dude to patrol with
-I wouldn't steal their Christmas gifts

You got my support buddy.



CityRP Server Director

Staff member
CityRP Server Director
Contact me via discord to arrange your interview