Lucifer Gambino Staff Application

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Lucifer Gambino

New member
  • What server are you applying for?:
A: NarcosRP
  • What is your ingame name:
A: Lucifer Snow
  • What do you go by (nickname/real name):
A: Steven
  • What is your SteamID(64):
A: 76561198144069290
  • What is your country and timezone?:
A: eastern central
  • How old are you? :
A: 18
  • Playtime (If you know it):
A: 0
  • How many warns do you have?:
A: 0
  • Why do you want to be staff on the server? (150+ Words):
A: Because i feel like i can really help this server out and make it better for the players and help this community grow and prosper.
  • Why should we accept you? (150+ Words):
A: You should accept me because im very good about in forcing the rules and giving ideas on what to do and what not to do on the server. Also i like to help players in anyway i can.
  • Describe your best qualities:
A: im a very hard working person i try my best at everything i do. im very funny out going guy. Im also a big rule follower and im good at making decisions.
  • Can you tell me that, you have read the Rules and can enforce them confidently?:
A: Yes
  • Do you take yourself to be a more experienced Roleplayer than most?
A: Yes
  • If a staff member referred you or helped you please state who:
A: Ansely
  • Are you in our Discord? (aka join):
A: Yes
  • Extra info (Staff history, Old communities, and stuff we should know):
A: I have been admin on NTF, I have also been a deveopler on SnowFox gaming police rp, and i have owned and coded my own server way back in the day.
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