Hollywood Restaurants – 5 Restaurants for Celebrity Sighting


A Hollywood travel will never be complete if the travel schedule wouldn’t include dine-ins in Hollywood restaurants.

Among the best things to do in Hollywood during your stay is to get a reservation in one or a couple of Hollywood restaurants. For a great getaway such as Hollywood, expect for the must have enough money in your pocket for that delicious meal at any one of the loved and widely known Hollywood restaurants.

Hollywood has lots of restaurants around. These restaurants will be the place anyone of your fave Hollywood celebrities head to for a meal. While the expense of dining where the famous dine can cost you some good funds, it will eventually be a bliss to actually see your fave celeb in the flesh.

So to help you get a dose of this bliss during your Hollywood vacation, below is a set of the Hollywood restaurants where almost any of your favourite celebrities often grab a thing to eat.

Hugo’s. While the all Hollywood is glitters and glamour, it can be a lifting thought that it is possible to get the best place to eat together with the sleek possibility that you’ll seeing Julia Roberts, Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington and lots more. Hugo’s is said to offer a breakfast that is certainly a whole lot better than a “breakfast in Tiffany’s.” Their vast offer of dishes for everybody, including vegans have been all known fro terrific taste. Plus they’ve got superb meals, in addition to that, they offer healthy and balanced drinks and thirst quenchers from teas, coffees, non-alcohol and alcohol beverages. Terrific cuisine, excellent ambience, and outstanding company at a very good expense.

Mr. Chow’s. Ones serving of Chinese food in the midst of California. Mr. Chow’s is one of the most favorite of Hollywood celebrities like Uma Thurman, Al Pacino, George Clooney, Kirsten Dunst and the long list continues on. Essentially, the feel of Mr. Chow’s isn’t that Chinese but you can get to provide your taste buds an outstanding treat of great Chinese and Asian foods. Even when you don’t run our eyes on the menu, you can anticipate your server to pull up something really good for you- vegan or not.
Koi. Should excellent Japanese food together with the very good choices from a relaxing surrounding or perhaps trendy bar is really what you’re after then this restaurant in Hollywood can be your best choice. In addition this place is one of the favourite hang-outs of Leo de Caprio, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson and Owen Wilson. Among Koi’s perfect recipes would be its delicious variety of entrees which include the “Miso Bronze Black Cod Medley of Vegetables” and lots more. Although you can get the tab to cost some really good money, you have the choice winning every one of these tastes and views from their sushi bar while still having that choice to get a gulp to your fill of sake.

Spago. The dining spot where Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, together with Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford find themselves a good taste-bud treat. This two-sided restaurant delivers nothing but terrific taste and service to regulars (celeb or not) and newbies. Among the best things to do in Hollywood is contact Spago and tell your waiter/ waitress that you will be coming over for any one or two of their tasting menu. Great deals to get a great value for such great tasting meal (great in a pocket-friendly kind of way.)

The Ivy. Certainly adorable patio setting ornamented with Ivy-crept picket fences. Even if the place can probably be said to be included in the list of the pricey Hollywood restaurants, it wouldn’t be helped but be hailed as a staple. One excellent memory of the site was that it held a dear part in the movie “The Bodyguard” which starred Kevin Cosner and Whitney Houston. At the moment, regulars include Jen Aniston, Beyonce, Tim Burton and Renee Zelwegger. With a lot of paparazzi hanging out, The Ivy is definitely a great location to see and be seen.


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